The Hump


  1. The Hump route was an unlikely route for regular flight operations due to high terrain and extremely severe weather. It crossed a north-south extension of the main Himalaya Mountains that ran south through northern Burma and western China. On the very north end of the extension, terrain exceeded 20, feet in height.
  2. Jun 18,  · At top — a C over the Hump. At right — view from over the Hump. Photo by Gifford Bull. By the end of , the Allies’ Air Transport Command had .
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  4. The men who flew the Hump were near the bottom of the Army Air Force food chain; indeed, ATC, the abbreviation for Air Transport Command, was often said to mean “Allergic to Combat” or “Army of Terrified Copilots.” Those terrified copilots got little respect during the war but made sure the world heard about their exploits afterward.
  5. In April , pilots started flying the "Hump," and continued missions until , when the Burma Road was reopened. The dangerous mile long passage over the Himalayan Mountains took its toll. Nearly 1, men and Air Transport Command (ATC) planes were lost over the hump by the end of China-Burma-India Theater (CBI) operations.
  6. May 20,  · Directed by Joe Camp. With James Hampton, Christopher Connelly, Slim Pickens, Denver Pyle. In , at Fort Val Verde, Texas, the U.S. Cavalry is experimenting the novel idea of using camels rather than horses as a means of transportation.
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  8. Jun 18,  · “The world’s first strategic airlift,” the U.S. Air Force calls it. These flights over “the Hump” were indispensable to China’s war effort against the Japanese, and thus a .

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