Setter Of Unseen Snares - Caïna - Setter Of Unseen Snares (CD, Album)


  1. Curtis-Brignell returned to the project's roots in Black Metal with 's Setter of Unseen Snares. Now active for over a decade and currently preparing a new full length for in addition to several collaborative projects and tours, Caina plans to bring their apocalyptic visions of fury and beauty to more people than ever before.
  2. Caïna, a band which I have not had the pleasure of listening to before, has come to my attention. More post-black metal than the rawer, earlier work they began with at the band’s start, Setter of Unseen Snares is a short album, but filled with an abundance of .
  3. Setter of Unseen Snares () by Caïna. Labels: Broken Limbs. Genres: Post-Black Metal. Songs: Introduction, I Am the Flail of the Lord, Setter of Unseen Snares, Vowbound, Applicant / Supplicant, Orphan.. Members: Andrew Curtis-Brignell, Michael .
  4. Jan 23,  · I see musings online that this could be Caïna‘s final album. If this is indeed the case and Setter of Unseen Snares ends up being the final entry in Caïna‘s varied discography, it’s just the chronicle they needed to tie everything together, ending on a high note. The long and the short of it is, there’s plenty bang for your bleak buck.
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  6. Whether it be the hardcore elements of "I am the Flail of the Lord" or the more traditional black metal sound on "Vowbound", Caina has provided the listener with just enough deviation on Setter of Unseen Snares to keep it interesting without making it sound like a disjointed mess. While the first five tracks of this full-length pass by with nary a misstep taken, the fifteen .
  7. Caïna’s Setter of Unseen Snares is difficult to describe. It has a myriad of elements, not altogether within the larger sub-genre of metal – also boasting punk, post-metal and ambient music besides their largely evolved black metal style. They also feature slow jams that aren’t really riff-based. There are rung notes during such sections, besides [ ].
  8. After a decade spent exploring almost every genre imaginable, Caïna’s upcoming LP and fifth album, Setter of Unseen Snares, is a return to the project's inception as a raw black metal act, as well as founder Andy Curtis-Brignell’s personal roots in punk rock and hardcore.

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